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ServicePricew/ Fitment
Hourly Shop Rate (1hr Minimum)$150
Fit New Barrel Blank (Chamber/Thread/Crown)$395
True Rem 700 Action$250
Muzzle Threading for Suppressor$175$75
Muzzle Threading w/ Blended Protector$235$135
Muzzle Thread Customer Supplied Timed Brake$220
Muzzle Thread Customer Supplied Radial Brake$185
Timed Brake (APA/Hellfire/MB, etc)$320
Radial Ported Brake (Vias/KDF)$275
Mount Optic (Level, Torque, Loctite, Boresite)$150
Bed with Pillars$395
Cerakote - Bolt Gun $250$125


If possible, all muzzle devices will be blended to the contour of the barrel leaving an indistinguishable separation.
We do not use shims to time muzzle devices.
Special Project pricing is determined by Time and Material with a not to exceed.

We specialize in custom builds. We do not accept firearms for diagnosis or repair.

Prices subject to change.

For information regarding our processes, head over to our FAQ page.

Please visit our contact page for any questions or to make an appointment.